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A family of four head off in a borrowed motorhome to spend some time together following the Dad's recent discharge from the armed forces.  When they stop for some gas they attract the attention of an intimidating group of bikers - the leader of which takes a particular shine to the teenage daughter.


The gang decide to prey on the family and force them off the road, causing them to crash down a hill, somersaulting over & over before landing on their roof perilously close to the edge of a quarry. Battered, bruised and disorientated, they're now hidden out of sight to all but the gang who descend upon them like a flock of vultures.  There's nothing left for the family to do but barricade themselves in the vehicle and arm themselves with whatever makeshift weapons they can find.  They're not going to give up without a fight.


Howard J Ford


Currently Casting


Survival Thriller


Shooting Q3 2022

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