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No Mercy

A gang of ex-military, well-trained, professional thieves are out-manoeuvring and out-shooting the local police; ripping out ATM machines at their convenience and killing guards & civilians who get in their way.


A crack unit of police who have been working together for four years are given the task of bringing down the criminals.  Five friends - one woman & four men - determined to rid their island paradise of these evil men whatever the cost.


The Russians are becoming complacent & over-confident, going for one last big heist before they leave the island.  The largest bank is Bali is their target. But the police are ready and they have back-up.


The final showdown is apocalyptic as the police begin to trap the Russians one by one.  Their reign of terror is over...or so they think.


M Yusuf


Verdy Bhawanta, Franki Darmawan, Daniel Immanuel Octavianus, Stevie Domminique


Action Thriller


Available To Deliver

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