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Six innocent victims have been kidnapped and held captive, forced to play out a deadly reality game show on the dark web for the entertainment of the criminal underworld who gamble on the results. It’s not long before viewers worldwide find themselves hooked on this macabre game of life & death.  All of which delights the presenter of the game, a flamboyant psychopath hungry for the fame & attention.


Portland PD Detective, Ben Jacobs (Ed Westwick), heads up the task force assigned to the case.  Events escalate as more & more people tune in on social media, and the stakes are raised even higher.  Jacobs and his team find themselves in a race against time to save the captives.  


Howard J Ford (The Ledge, Never Let Go)


Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), Andrew P Stephen (Wool), 

Natalya Tsvetkova (Brief Encounters), Lola Wayne (Pandora), 

Rory Alexander (Alex Rider) and Rose Reynolds


Tom George


Twisted Thriller


Currently in post production

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